While international New Year’s Eve on December 31 is becoming more popular, those traveling to Laos in mid-December or April will find themselves immersed in cultural New Year celebrations unique to Southeast Asia.

Don’t overlook Laos when planning your trip to Southeast Asia and here is the reasons why:

Here are the next reasons why Laos is an ideal destination for your 2018 vacation.

With cultural festivals, untouched natural beauty and a lack of the western commercialism rampant in other parts of the region, there’s no better time to book your ticket. Set your travel goals for Laos once you’ve seen these 18 reasons to visit in 2018.

Nearly every city and town in Laos has a market and nearly every market has a handicraft and souvenir area. Besides popular souvenirs such as textiles. coffee, antiques,... here are some of weird items only Laos offers.

Foreigners are always welcome in Buddhist temples, with caveats. Follow these next simple etiquette tips for visiting temples in Laos.

Follow this guide to temple etiquette to ensure a great visit.

There are the next things that you should notice in Laos for your own safety, the preservation of the country and to respect the local people.

The Lao people have no problem with Lady Boys or public intoxication. They take a “live and let live” attitude toward most behavior. However, there are still several things you should never do in Laos.

Those with more time or a taste for an experience outside the city will enjoy a day trip to the surrounding province. Here are some best spots to venture outside of the capital.